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2023NEW 3D Printer Kit Carbon Fiber Auto Leveling High Precision DIY Self-assemble Kit Over-current Protection Touch Screen

CE Certification:Yes

Origin:Mainland China

Brand Name:HOCO

Model Number:D-05

Origin:Mainland China

CE Certification:Yes


Printing Speed:20-50mm/ s

Bed Temp:under 90 degree

Color Print Speed:30-180mm/s

Fliament:1.75mm PLA / ABS

Slice Software:For Cura / For Repetier Host / For Simplified 3D


3D creation Unlimited creativity

Economical all-in-one 3D printer

3D all-in-one Summary of selling points

Practicality and cost performance DIY model with dual functions

Don't be afraid of power failure resume printing

Ability to resume printing,even after a power outage or recurrence.

Fast heating on boot only 5 minutes

The temperature can reach 50 degrees,lt can meet the temperature requirements of special yarns,the highest temperature is 70 degrees.

Finished product printing.Incredibly high precision.

Realize various possibilities.Rapid prototyping of multi-category models.

Rich colors A variety of colors

Printer consumables Rapid protoyping of multi-category models.Multi-colored,practical and convenient

3D Printer

Accessories description,details

Large size,high precision pringing.Professional technology/concise and generous.

Accessories description,choose what you love.

High-precision V-shaped guide rail+high-efficiency cooling fan=durable and high-precision,double guarantee.

3D Printer Kit Carbon Fiber Auto Leveling High Precision Kit Touch Screen

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