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NEW New 3D Printer Q5 Delta Auto-Level Sensor Resume Pre-Assembly TFT 32bits Board Kossel Titan Metal Kit TMC 2208 Primary User

CE Certification:Yes

Origin:Mainland China

Brand Name:ZUIDID

CE Certification:Yes

Origin:Mainland China

Bed Temp:110

Slice Thickness:0.1-0.4mm

Maximum Printing Speed:150mm/s

Nozzle Diameter:0.4mm

Diameter Temp:180-230 C Degree

Auto Leveling:No

Maximum Print Size:200*200x200mm

Color Print Speed:60-150mm/s

Consumables Diameter:1.75mm


Printing Speed:30-300mm/s


Fliament:PLA, ABS, PETG

Slice Software:CURA, Simplify

Power Supply:200w

Operating System:Windows XP/7/8/10 (32bit/34bit)

File Format:STL,G-Code

Molding Technology:FDM

Interface Type:SD

Maximum Working Speed:40mm/s


Frame:Aluminium Structure

Printing Size:diameter 200*200mm

Layer Thickness:0.05-0.3mm

Filament:PLA, ABS,Flexible, HIPS,WOOD,PVA

Screen:Touch Screen

Model:Flsun Q5

No Description

3D Printer Q5 Delta Auto-Level Sensor

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