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50g/100g Welding Solder 0.6/0.8/1/1.2 63/37 FLUX 2.0% Soldering Wire Roll Melt Rosin Core Solder No-clean Tin BGA Welding Tools

Brand Name:None

Type:Power Tool Parts

Origin:Mainland China

Model Number:Soldering Wire


Usage:Commercial Manufacture

Feature 1:rosin core solder

Feature 2:Flux Reel Welding line

Feature 3:Soldering Wire Roll

Feature 4:No-clean Tin

Feature 5:BGA Welding Tools

Tin Lead:Rosin Core Solder Wire

Feature 6:Tin Lead Solder Iron

Feature 7:soldering iron

50g/100g Welding Solder

Excluding Sales Tax
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