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PIR Motion Sensor LED Light Lamp Bulb Switch AC110-240V/DC12-24V Outdoor Smart Waterproof Infrared Street Lamp Motion Sensor

Brand Name:diymore

Origin:Mainland China

Output:Lamp with motion sensor

Theory:Motion sensor

Model Number:motion sensor light 220 v




Usage:Night light with motion sensor

feature 1:led lamp with motion sensor

feature 2:Motion sensor led

feature 3:led with motion sensor

feature 4:led spotlight with motion sensor

feature 5:motion sensor alarm

Product Specifications:

Name: Human infrared sensor head (Type A, B, D, E high voltage models)

Working voltage: AC110-240V

Shell size: height 37.2* diameter 27.5mm

Load power: ≤40w

Induction distance: 3-5m

Sensing angle: 120°

Delay time: 30S

Working temperature: -20℃-40℃

Hole size: 20mm recommended

(Type C, F ) Low-voltage models parameters:

Working voltage: DC12-24V

Loadable: 18W 180-260mA

Product specification: 25*19mm

Recommended opening: 24.9mm

Optional function: light control model/without light control all-day induction model

Package Type Include:

A: with light control terminal line, human body sensor switch*1

B: With light control long line, human body induction switch*1

C: Low-voltage type with light control, human body induction switch*1

D: without light control/all-day induction terminal line, human body induction switch*1

E: without light control/all-day induction long-line body sensor switch*1

F: Without light control/all-day induction low-voltage type Human body induction switch*1

PIR Motion Sensor LED Light Lamp Bulb Switch

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